Note from this wise son-in-law (the best son-in-law in our family of one daughter and 3 sons!)

In Covina they do a Veteran’s Day program called Field of Valor (  Some 2000 flags are placed in the ground and people can sponsor flags in the name of specific veterans.  I took the girls there today to give them a better understanding as to why they have the day off.

IMG_0177 IMG_0178 IMG_0179Note on these vets: Jack was in the Navy during Vietnam. Pop (Jack’s father) spent more than 4 years on the seas during WWII where his ships participated in several battles where ships were sunk and sailors died. The biggest battle was at night off of Guadalcanal during which his ship, the USS Washington, sunk a Japanese battleship.

3 thoughts on “As a teacher I often wondered if giving kids the day off from school was a good way to “do” Veteran’s Day. I mean WHO mentions it while they’re sleeping late and watching cartoons (ouch)? The Dad of these grandkids of ours thought of it. See below.

  1. I think the grandkids have gotten the best specific so far as to the meaning of Veteran’s Day. (It’s possible that my generation had a sort of governor on our motor, being of the Vietnam War era and all that came with it for us.)


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