In this week’s challenge, WP Blogger Jen J. says show a minimalist photo. Find an interesting texture, color, or silhouette. And a story that you can tell with your shot.

leibal_thebirdnest_primus_5The Bird’s Nest is a minimalist house in Vanløse, Denmark, designed by Primus Arkitekter. An addition to a daycare center, the building is elevated to reduce the footprint on the playground and create intimate covered spaces.




Inside the birdhouses and behind the gutter elbows where I live, minimalist housing consists of twigs, moss and dryer lint and is designed by phoebes and bluebirds. Today’s winter cleanup unearthed these ‘buildings’ no longer in use ~ elevated intimate covered spaces of the avian kind. Divine breaths.




Toni 11/9/14



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