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Ever been plagued by a tune that lodged itself inside your head and repeats on an endless loop?


Researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London are collecting earworms — songs or bits of melody that get stuck in your head. What are yours?

The data suggests that there may be psychological reasons why some songs are more likely to stick, such as memory triggers, emotional states, and even stress. Researchers hope to better understand why this happens and figure out what music memory can teach psychologists about how to treat patients dealing with memory loss. Good news for us Boomers.


Enter Domenico Modugno. You may not have heard of him, but you have most definitely heard him. Modugno recorded the iconic 1950s Italian song “Volare”.  I heard it playing everywhere in Sicily.

Domenico Modugno volare

‘Mr. Volare’ was a middle aged man with a rather sad moustache, an ill-fitting suit, and one undeniably tenacious tune about a guy who paints his hands blue and flies.

Don’t think earworms cross cultural and language lines?

Play it again and again, Sam.

This one is on Perpetual Rewind in my mind.

Now it’ll be in yours.

Toni 11/5/14

By Heart

5 thoughts on “ANATOMY OF AN EARWORM

  1. Earworms, eh? Never knew that’s what it was called but I definitely do have them. Even better though, thanks for that glimpse of good old Ed Sullivan! Sunday night has never been the same without him!


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