ID Ruby Crowned Kinglet 1b _AGK1974

The diminutive Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was captured by ace photographer Alex Kearney.
254 Macedonia Rd.
Kent, CT  06757

ID Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1b _AGK1962

Loved ones who are far away: How to know them?

They’re not like the tiny, migrating Ruby-Crowned Kinglets

I can easily ID even tho’ they dart through the roadside shrubs fastfast

into & out of my view.

Their wing-flicks are unmistakable.

& that male!

He sings this long, bubbly, amazingly loud song, sometimes with a double-note call.

FaceTime & texting help,

but I yearn to feast on the wing-flicks of the loved ones.





One thought on “Ruby-Crowned Kinglet reminds me of what I miss about the ones I love who live far away. (a 420 character, 9-liner)

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