Just saying:

Altho’ it takes more words to describe left turns rather than rights,

w/ UPS never taking the former because it’s 8:1 times more dangerous

& uses more gas;

despite the Latin for right being dextra & left sinistra,

I LIKE the challenge of spotting the gap in the 9 Harleys.

My brain develops more plasticity the more I try to be mindful and attentive;

focusing makes new neurons and dendrites.

Just saying.





3 thoughts on “I’ll need a special routing program if I’m going to eschew all left turns plus this will deprive my brain of the concentration exercise it needs. My other it-gives-my-brain-more-plasticity exercises: cello practicing, writing 420’s, birding, not double-tasking while driving, reading the NYT Science Times section, & yoga. I call them my Luminosity alt programs. (A 420 character, 9-line poem)

  1. This is one He-Who will have something to say about. I only make left hand turns with traffic lights. It has always seemed faster and less frustrating to to make a couple of rights than to wait for an opportunity to make a left hand turn. Now that I know it also saves gas I feel vindicated.


    1. I share your tendency, Michelle, and, as a result, have discovered alternate routes and streets that bring me to traffic lights. My favorite one serves me well, leaving the ophthalmologist with bleary dilated eyes, I go right, right, and there’s the light. 🙂 Toni

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