pictures by famed wildlife photographer Doreen Orciari. She hosts these dandies at her home.ImageNote the telltale rectangular holes carved out by the Pileated. Carpenter Ants for brunch washed down with a few hackberries mayhap? Primal!!
Image 2

Why not rename the Paleo diet

(no legumes,grains, or dairy)

the Pileated (Woodpecker) diet

& ditch that low-slung brow for a flame-red crest.

Carpenter ants, wood-boring beetle larvae, termites, budworm, caterpillars, cockroaches;

w/ greenbrier, hackberry, sassafrass,berries,poison ivy, holly, dogwood, persimmon, and elderberry.

Plus an outdoor lifestyle.

Even the WHACK of their chisel beaks cries PALEO-ALT!

Why not.


Image 1



3 thoughts on “Upgrade coming down the fashion aisle: No more Neo-Neanderthal, mammoth-hide coated, Paleo labels for that diet of pasture-raised meat, eggs, fresh fruit-vegetables, and nuts. I propose this sparky, avian diet label. It’s top flight. (And while we’re at it, “ancestral life style change.” Really? Inspired by this Paleo diet? Paleo Magazine? Portland Paleo Cookies? But, I’ll have to tackle that in another 420 characters, if it takes that many to examine the let’s-live-like-cavemen movement. In this 420 character, 9-line poem, it’s the Pileated Woodpecker who’s knocking it home.)

  1. I’ve been besieged with reading suggestions to pull me out of–er, I think I need to say, back INTO the cave.

    Among the readings tossed to me via the ether:,

    Paleo Magazine Radio EPS 53, Primal Life Organics,

    Paleo Magazine-modern day primal living-BS free.

    Reviews of the Portland Paleo Cookies will propel me to try them when I travel to Portland soon even if the cookies have no grain, gluten, dairy, sugar or soy.Maybe a few chocolate chips? Here’s hoping. But the reviewer says they embody the true meaning behind eating the ancestral way.

    I’m still partial to the jaunty red crest over the one eyebrow look.



  2. Where does one buy Paleo cookies? They sound yummy. Great pictures of the pileated woodpecker. What a gorgeous specimen he is.


    1. So far, I think this a Portland Oregon thing. I will Google it–not a Paleo thing, although, come to think of it, a successful Paleo gal had to notice and remember and find out in order to know where those tubers grew and tigers lurked. And, Ronnie? When I find one–the cookie not the Cyber-toothed, I’ll bring one back alive, er, I’ll bring one back for you.
      Patty the (non)Paleo Pal


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