Hidden interconnections of disparate things is what I look for.

I know my world is an intertwined web.

So when this morning, I:

1. read about Sulfur Shelf Mushrooms in the NYC Nature column;

2: parsed the opinion piece relating mushrooms/illness diagnoses; & then

3. spotted a gorgeous fungi at Steep Rock,

well, I felt I was tapping one of the strands in this web and feeling it all ripple.

Just beyond my ken.


PATTYIMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6293

6 thoughts on “Not chance. Not coincidence. Not serendipity. God-of-the-gaps-fallacy? Is it synchronicity? Merely? Mere? Really? But mayhap another example of how paying attention becomes a lightning rod for related emblems or ideas? (420 Character, 9-Line Poem)

    1. The 420 character blog-post genre has become for me the telescope-gift, meaning this: if someone were to give you a telescope you would feel obligated to use it, to see what you could see with it–an idea I got from The Phantom Tollbooth those many years ago. Another example: When I carry my notebook, or now it’s my iPhone with the note-app!!, I am someone who looks for something to put in it. And everything begins to glow with potential, I mean everything!! It helps me lead the wide-awake life. I used to say that I’ve become like the woman who thinks someone is poisoning her–all her food begins to taste funny. But that example puts what’s very positive in a negative tilt–it does make me grin tho’, so perhaps it works too.


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