(Pictures by Marie Kennedy, naturalist, birder, photographer, Litchfield Audubon officer, and horticulturalist (Kennedy Horticultural LLC; http://kennedyhorticultural.com)
Image 1
Image 2

STRETCH for peace.

My yoga stretch charges my batteries,

untangles muscles; lets loose lurking lactic acids,

& increases my joint range of motion.

I flex like an Osprey lining the fish up head 1st by reversing her outer toe

so as to grasp it with 2 toes in front and 2 behind.

(She also has barbed pads on her soles to help with said grip. Pedicure!!)

But Presidents? Princes? Queens? Caliphs?

How about a peace STRETCH?



Image 3 We hear him first. Then we spot him perched on this impossibly slim, tall snag. And then while we sit on the old hydroelectric “pier,” we get “buzzed” by a juvenile Bald Eagle, watch as one of his parents (my guess) wafts by, and note that a Merlin is keeping track of us all–probably doing his own version of a blog or e-Bird report.Image

(Ray, the Bird Guru, is on the left. Ray’s identifying birds; I’m thinking, “how can I turn this into a 420?”)











5 thoughts on “Channel your inner Osprey: Concentrate. Dive into life with feet outstretched and your (yellow in the Osprey’s case) eyes sighted straight on your “talons.” That’ll ping the proprioceptors and charm the chakras. (An Osprey and Yoga-inspired 420 character 9-line poem)

  1. Hi Patty! I do a lot of osprey watching down here in St. Augustine. Do you (or your
    bird advisor) know anything about what happens when an osprey loses its mate? I
    have been watching a female for several months who is now sitting alone on the
    nest where the pair used to raise babies which also seem to be missing. Will she
    sit there, pining away forever? Will she hunt for a new partner and start a new
    family in a new nest? Watching her just breaks my heart! Sayra


  2. I don’t know for sure. I guess I am making a quick assumption due to many of the
    men I have known. I figure only the girl would hang around and wait!!!!!


    1. Oh, Sayra! This is a great comment. Here’s a story for the men are okay column: a watched a House Finch male feeding a Cowbird chick that had hatched in his nest. His partner was gonegonegone as were any House Finch kids. So, here he was doing it all, for an orphaned chick whose parents depend on the kindness of others to raise the kids they lay in various other species nests. Hmmm. This may fit.


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