Little things I know: Parsley.

Hold bunch at an angle, run knife down side of stems, rotate and repeat.

Rosemary. Grip top of sprig with one hand and pinch stem with other.

Drag fingers down top to bottom & leaves pop off.

But I lack know-how w/ sage and thyme.

As does Putin:

Not sage enough to know how much t(hy)ime

he’s got to be reckless and unpredictable w/out all hell breaking loose.

NOT a little thing. I know.


5 thoughts on “Parsley and Putin. Sage and Ceasefires. Useful Know How and Ukraine, Rosemary and Russia, Thyme and Terror. (a 420 character, 9-line poem inspired by my herbs and heavy setbacks in the peace in our time department)

    1. This 420 has been on my back burner for several days. This morning, older and sager, and with a little more time to ponder, the pun-solution to what I wanted to do with the idea flowered, so to speak. Herbly if not superbly.


  1. I hope Putin will realize that his games are not just little things. We’ll all keep watching… Thanks for taking the time to send our minds to the heavy duty issues. We need that now and again.


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