Scan 32
Left to right: Sally, Miss Smith (piano teacher/page turner), me (pre-Flight of the Bumblebee), Sally’s mother, my parents


Madras suit and Bass Weejuns.

Like the sign says, sensational.


Toni 9/4/14      (Sometimes a post just cries out for a featured image.  The vacationing sophisticated ladies will be back.)

6 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

  1. You ARE the tyke at the piano, am I correct on this? Going on, if I’ve got this straight, our readers need to know that you CONTINUE to wow audiences with your piano prowess. An audio is in order, and I believe you’ve cornered another market on how to do this?
    PS My sisters and I sported madras; that is, after an older sister outgrew HER madras outfit the next one would get it, and so on. I believe that by the time I got the madras outfit, madras was no longer The Thing. My friends who were in families where they were the only girl or–even better–an only child were in my envy-those- guys box.


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