Summer’s end and a day off from work. A supersweet day to honor the backbreaking labor of workers who built America and kept it going.  Like these two.colorized-old-photos-8

Today, women are breaking barriers and crashing through glass ceilings. And the number of women-owned businesses is growing at four times the rate of businesses owned by men.

Untitled 2




How far we’ve come from my when my mother had to sign a teaching contract stating that she would be terminated if she married. 




WP Blogger Ben asks~ What job can you not imagine doing? Just listen to Alabama. Think about those A-list folks who work hard, for subsistence wages, every day, to make your life more pleasant. Then put this on your playlist.

Toni 9/1/14


  1. I come from a family of truck drivers, my husband drove a semi-tractor trailer for twenty-seven years and I have a Class A CDL. I drove a quad-axle dump truck for five years so I know from personal experience that truck drivers work hard for their wages. All too often truck drivers are not appreciated enough by their employers or the customers they deliver to, and certainly not by the general public who would not have the food on their tables or the clothes on their backs if it were not for truck drivers. What the trucking industry needs is good stable leadership, mutual cooperation and organization. There is power in numbers and there are a lot of truck drivers out there. Working together they could gain the respect and the financial compensation due them. With the right leadership the industry could work toward reasonable and applicable legislation that protects the health and well-being (physical, emotional and financial) of truck drivers and their families across the country. I am grateful to the band Alabama for writing a tribute to the men and women who do the real work behind the scenes.


  2. I get the message and i agree, no job should be under appreciated, the high class up in the skyscrapers has to get their hair done, their clothes clean and eat food, but yet so fast on the judgement. Well if we all did the same job nothing would work. But I did not liked the song so much, it is typical “america the great” ideal. Couldn’t helps it, that’s how i see it.


  3. I learned to Just Keep Working from my parents. And that was helpful and tractored me up and over loads of work-related challenges and helped me succeed in my profession. But I learned to stop and smell the daisies and relish the moment from my husband and kids. And I thank them every moment with every fiber of my being for that. And, yes, as an adult at the same age as my parents when I was really understanding them and remembering how they were, I wish they had had the benefits of knowing how to take the needle off the record for a while and Just Be.


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