ScanMy first Kindergarten class, 1970, Elihu Burritt School.  

Yes, I let them use knives.

Have a kudos-worthy year, Teachers!

Toni 8/28/14

5 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

  1. Fascinating, isn’t it? Somehow those little children survived without any loss of life or parents suing the school board for unsafe classroom procedures. A different, lovely world. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Such cute little pumpkins!! And the kids, too, they’re adorable. (As for the knives, the worst classroom fight of my teaching life involved the use of sharpened pencils as daggers. How did I handle it? I was 22!! What did I know about such. It was the first year of school integration and I thought the problems would be with kids who had never been to school with each other. But it turns out that the issues revolved around the various Navy “brats” who’d been to a zillion schools. )


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