You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
― Mae West



Summer is such a tease.  It’s hot, then cool; rainy, then dry; sunny, then cloudy; largo, then allegro.

This mad-glam bunch of boys challenge Patty and me. Our most recent cello/piano piece is composed by the girly-guy in the far left background, Antonio Vivaldi. This red-haired (hidden under his wig) genius followed his passion for music, dominated Italian musical life in the early 1700s, and produced hundreds of five-finger exercises concertos. I bet you know the ubiquitous Four Seasons, Le Quattro Stagioni. 

Patty and I are learning Vivaldi’s Sonata #3 ~  with skadoodles of help from her liltingly cheering cello teacher, a gentleman with uncommon patience.


Vivaldi only lived once and he did it his way.  He loved multi-rhythmic composition. Just like Brian Wilson, one of the most innovative composers in pop music.


Surfin’ pin-up. Avant-garde pop artist. Psychedelic oracle. Down-home hippie. Retro-hip icon. And a forever-perpetual-motion nostalgia machine.

I think Brian Wilson did everything right. This next tune isn’t his biggest hit, but it’s cool as frozen collards. A veggie sonata, of sorts, for the gardener in me.

Good vibrations, summer weather, making music together. Time to imagine a place where everybody has an ocean. And a garden.


What’s your favorite Beach Boy Tune?

Toni 8/19/14


11 thoughts on “THE BOYS OF SUMMER

  1. Mine is Help Me Rhonda…or maybe Be True to Your School…or …..any! I saw
    The Beach Boys last summer as they opened their latest tour here in St Augustine!
    Great Fun!!!!! For a very few minutes I felt like a teenager again! I always wanted to
    be at a big concert with beach balls bouncing everywhere!! Another check on my bucket list!!!!!!!


    1. Lucky You, Sayra. I love all their songs, they’re teenage symphonies of my summer days long past. They’re touring as I write this to celebrate 50 years of the song Fun, Fun, Fun. They just left Newport, headed due west.


      1. From what I’ve read and if you listen to some live versions of the song ” Don’t Worry Baby” is Brian’s attempt to write a song in the style of Phil Spector’s ” Be My Baby.” Spector was a great influence on him. I have a cd ” Brian Wilson, Live at the Roxy” and he says that his favorite song in the whole universe is
        ” Be My Baby.” He and his band then launch into cover version of the tune.


        1. During Phil Spector’s glory days, he influenced plenty of musicians. He was such a tortured soul, building his reputation by changing the face of pop culture, then threw it all away with a gunshot. That song is one of my favorites, too.


              1. They are called the Hot Club of Cowtown. I thought I sent the link but in case I didn’t you can check for them on You Tube and look for the tune ” After You’ve Gone.”


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