IMG_5800Hard to ignore:

giggles of kids from the bunk room,

plaintive cry from 1 crib room, & strange thump from the other.

Little beings emit amazing #s of decibels,

as piercing as Mr. Carolina Wren’s rants at us humans

on the other side of the screen

against which he and the Mrs. have built a nest. He wants us

and our guitar, cello, NPR, idle chat, & Red Sox game gone.

And like the caterwauling kids? He’s hard to ignore.


This is the sort of vocalization we’re hearing at every open window and door right now (I miss the little kids and their one more goodnight kiss.)

2 thoughts on “Our Carolina Wren is a weak flyer, making quick forays over short distances, but unlike our noisy little kids who slip out of their bedrooms for one last goodnight kiss (or drink, book, or pee), this exclaiming bird is definitely giving us the kiss off. (Another 420 character, 9-line poem by Patty)

  1. Hi Patty. Thanks for sharing the wonderful Carolina wren videos, perfect poem to go with it & photo that could be the cover for your family illustrated stories if you ever decide to go that route. Morgan


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