Wild rumpus high in the canopy

accompanied by an emphatic rising whistle?

It’s the canny Great Crested Flycatcher

who claims the highest spots to avoid direct food competition,

swoops after flying insects,

and pre-meditates her leaf crashes to loose the crawling bugs.

GCF is a quiet weaver and recycler too,

lacing shed snakeskin, onion skins, & plastic wrappers into her nest.

Schemer, weaver,recycler: Rumpusly Wild.


http://youtu.be/VOL-DVBkQXc in a nest box!!



3 thoughts on “Great Crested Flycatcher; lots of noise and scads of stratagems (A 420 CHARACTER 9 LINER POEM BY PATTY)

  1. Too bad your mini-audio clip did not feature the rising whistle part of his repertoire. I guess it is enough that he is such a multi-talented and cute avian.


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