Light/dark, tall/short, happy/sad —  WP blogger Michelle says share a photo that captures a contrast.

CIMG3512London Bridge Topiary.  An Attraction?  You betcha.

Everyone has an opinion regarding topiary. The cheeky collection of garden gossip, Yew and Non-Yew, Gardening for Horticultural Climbers, by James Bartholomew tracks the fashion frenzy of this venerable horticultural art.

The title of his book comes from the British terms ‘U’ and ‘non-U’ ~ terms used to define upper-class and non-upper-class behavior. Bartholomew calls the yew tree the ultimate ‘U’ plant.  He says: “Not all types of topiary are Yew. A tall pyramid or standard is certainly Yew. . . . A peacock or chicken is borderline. . . . A teapot, space rocket, car or telephone . . . is non-Yew.”

Then there’s this guy.  What do Yew think?



Toni 6/27/14




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