This week, Danielle Hark of Broken Light Collective challenges WP bloggers to photograph between, to capture something between two things, reflect on the process of transition, or interpret this word in our own way. I immediately think of the WWWW header ~ the space between the hand and the pen, between the paper and the word, between the idea and the ink.

Here, in the Cologne Cathedral, the stone mass rises, almost weightlessly, up to the 43m-high baldachin-style arches. In this narrow northern side nave, the light shines through five spectacular glass windows between the arches. CIMG2637



We all have our own idea of what between looks like. But did you ever wonder what between sounds like?

Listen to the sublime Meredith Monk move between image and object, light and sound, music and the mind.


Toni 6/21/14