Ever get a song stuck in your head?

Here’s the one in mine right now.

(Thanks, Patty.)


It’s ring-time. The season for marriage.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the opulent knot in Florence, Italy. They’re a purseproud pair. As in, puffed up with riches.

Do you remember when Tiny Tim wed Miss Vicki on Johnny Carson’s show? I was impressed with TT because he wrote his own vows, including the promise to be “not puffed up.”



At the Kimye wedding, it’s hard to tell who was the object of greater curiosity ~ the rapper or the reality star.
Here’s what a lot of people say about the Kardashians ~ they’re not understated. Neither are they strangers to plastic surgery.  So I wasn’t surprised to learn that Kim K took advantage of the newest cosmetic procedure.

It’s called a ‘Loub job’ And it’s for your toes.


The term was named after iconic stiletto designer Christian Louboutin. It’s a cosmetic procedure that lets the wearer look fashionable with less pain. The toes, heels and balls of the feet are injected with collagen, like what’s used on the face to fill lines and wrinkles.


Those brides and bridesmaids in their skyscraper heels are a flash of fabulous and they are in the know.

The Loub job is getting to be hugely popular, especially since the Kimye wedding. Alas, don’t expect to see these at receptions anymore.




Going to the chapel now is, well, #goingtothechapel. But some things stay the same. Even Cinderella knew that the perfect shoes could change your life.



Would you have a Loub Job? or stick with flat shoes? or 2-3 inch heels?

I know what I’d choose.

what about you?

Toni 6/8/14