Great Crested Flycatcher; lots of noise and scads of stratagems (A 420 CHARACTER 9 LINER POEM BY PATTY)

Wild rumpus high in the canopy

accompanied by an emphatic rising whistle?

It’s the canny Great Crested Flycatcher

who claims the highest spots to avoid direct food competition,

swoops after flying insects,

and pre-meditates her leaf crashes to loose the crawling bugs.

GCF is a quiet weaver and recycler too,

lacing shed snakeskin, onion skins, & plastic wrappers into her nest.

Schemer, weaver,recycler: Rumpusly Wild.

PATTY in a nest box!!




Light/dark, tall/short, happy/sad —  WP blogger Michelle says share a photo that captures a contrast.

CIMG3512London Bridge Topiary.  An Attraction?  You betcha.

Everyone has an opinion regarding topiary. The cheeky collection of garden gossip, Yew and Non-Yew, Gardening for Horticultural Climbers, by James Bartholomew tracks the fashion frenzy of this venerable horticultural art.

The title of his book comes from the British terms ‘U’ and ‘non-U’ ~ terms used to define upper-class and non-upper-class behavior. Bartholomew calls the yew tree the ultimate ‘U’ plant.  He says: “Not all types of topiary are Yew. A tall pyramid or standard is certainly Yew. . . . A peacock or chicken is borderline. . . . A teapot, space rocket, car or telephone . . . is non-Yew.”

Then there’s this guy.  What do Yew think?



Toni 6/27/14



Hiding in Plain Sight? Hopefully Peace in Our Times Isn’t for the Birds. (a 420-character 9 liner by Patty)h

Hiding in plain sight.  (Hmmm: Sight? How can it be Plain?)

The Scarlet Tanager would seem easy to find

with his chick-burr and blurry, hoarse-Robiny song.

But his dark and bright fit right into the summer shadows

of light and dark up there in the canopy.

It’s like the hunt for peace in our times.

It’s there. High up. In the tumult. Almost spotted.

We hear the rhetoric & glimpse the shape of it,

hiding in plain sight?


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