IMG_2685    This week’s writing challenge is about lists. I write lists, too, but none profound or epiphanic. Here are a few ~

About me~

About being 65~

About comic strips~

About lists. Seriously.~


Thanks, WordPress, for inspiring me to write another.

IMG_2615What’s Really Necessary In Life

1. A blue bay to gaze on.

2. Sun.

3. The kind of day you fold up and put in your pocket so you can have it over and over again.

4. Living life simply. Simply living life.

  Toni 5/28/14


    1. Ray,
      Tell me if I really saw this or it was my imagination ~ It looked like the crow purposely chased the sparrow in the direction of my glass doors. Poor sparrow was slightly stunned but did a quick recoup and took off. If so, crows are cruel.


  1. I think crows are so smart that I when my pens go missing out on the deck I shrug and say “the crows have ’em.” I’m SURE they’re making lists.


    “I was of three minds,
    Like a tree
    In which there are three

    I’ve always thought of Wallace Stevens’ Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird as a list, an inkling reinforced after doing the Wallace Stevens Walk:

    “In 2009, the Hartford Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens completed work on The Wallace Stevens Walk, a 2.4 mile self-guided walking tour that traces the path the poet took each day to and from his Hartford home.

    Beginning at what was once his workplace and ending at 118 Westerly Terrace, the walk traverses the Asylum Avenue section of Hartford’s Asylum Hill and West End neighborhoods.

    The course of The Wallace Stevens Walk is marked by thirteen Connecticut granite stones, each uniquely carved and engraved with a stanza from “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” a poem among Stevens’s most well known and frequently studied works.”



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