The best pizza on the planet isn’t just in Naples anymore.


Pizzeria Marzano is a jewel box of a restaurant nestled between a nail salon and a Chinese buffet.

Its centerpiece?  The oven.


 It takes something pretty special to stand out from the intimidating crowd of pizzerias, but Marzano’s manages to do just that.

There’s so much to love about the place.


Here’s my admittedly biased top five loves:

1. The Chefs

Jonni Eucalitto and his uncle Chris Eucalitto man the forno a legna (wood-fire oven) from morning until night. These pizza artists were trained by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (VPN) and they follow strict rules to ensure the authenticity of Neapolitan pizza.


MapThe Eucalittos named the pizzeria after their ancestors’ home town just outside Naples in Campania, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.  They should be proud.

2. The Oven

Wood fires in the bell-shaped brick oven reach temperatures of over 800°F.   Out of this miracle, built in southern Italy, come the pies.



The pizza is simple and classic. The crust is everything a pizza base should be ~  soft and chewy on the inside, slightly charred on the rim, overall subtle crispness, and packed with flavor.


3. The Card.  

It’s the one that matches you up with your order, delivered swiftly by the staff with infectiously joyful smiles.  

Choose a glass of wine or beer, get a second glass for a nickel. Who can resist?


4. Cerebral Combos.

The pies are wallopingly attractive, each a minimalist masterpiece. Toys for the mouth.

There’s organic San Marzano tomatoes that caramelize in the oven’s intense heat, imported prosciutto, sopressata, and mortadella, Fontinella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Caciocavallo cheese, herbs from the garden out front.


5. The Sweets.

Fresh cannoli and gelato, dolci to die for.

Nice pizza, nice people. Pretty cool. And just really pretty.  

Check it out ~


Good pizza is good living. This is as good as it gets.

I’ve got Naples in my neighborhood.

Do you ?


Toni 5/21/14

11 thoughts on “WANT IN ON A LITTLE SECRET?

      1. Believe it or not pizza is one of my very favorite foods. The unfortunate thing is I can no longer eat it. After 61 years of being sick and tens of thousands of dollars I discovered on my own last Oct that I have a severe dairy allergy. There are substitutes but nothing taste like the real deal. I can only look and wish. Lol. It did look yummy.


  1. With all the initial hype about this place, NY Times articles, etc., I was very disappointed in what I considered, “ordinary pizza”.


  2. I’m still devoted to Anthony’s down on Main Street. Crust to die for, plenty of toppings generously applied, and so much more. I like Marzano pizza, but I’ll always choose Anthony’s if I am forced to choose!! Ha! M.


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