Draw a clock in the dirt to find North,

point the hour hand at the sun

& the line that bisects the angle between the hour hand & 12:00

will be a north to south one. Easier than ID-ing birds (Bird North)

unless you’re a Mr Audubon who shoots & stuffs them 1st.

At certain times of the year they’re

tiny/big, tan/gray with a smear/stripe/dot

of yellow/green/blue with a white eye ring/wing bar.

Maybe draw them in the dirt?



THIS IS A FABULOUS YOUTUBE FOR LEARNING BIRDS!! (Did you try the draw-a-clock-in-the-dirt thing yet? Maybe it’s a little harder than I represent in the 420 above. 🙂 Just in case? Carry a compass and a GPS. ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuAOc6I9jhA&list=PL852BE01ADF00B358&feature=share

A quick Bird ID for Dummies site (my name for it, actually it’s the Mass Audubon’s tips for id-ing winter birds–a whole other can of worms, er, gaggle of geese.)


If you can’t shoot and stuff them, how DO you learn the difference between a Purple and a House Finch or a Brown Thrasher and a Cuckoo? Or a good guy and a bad guy?  What’s “North” for Palestinians and Israelis, Ukrainians and Ethnic Russians, Republicans and Democrats? John Kerry, how do YOU maintain your North? (a mostly bird and compass related 420-character, 9-line poem)

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