Well, more specifically, the Dakai Field Guide to North American Snowbirds.



It isn’t on Amazon….yet.




imageThis is the bon ton work of Lauren Dakai, a young New York-based designer. See more here.



She says her style is fresh and classic.

 I say it’s funky and fleshed-out fabulous.

Just like Anne Murray ~ and her song, Snowbird.



Murray says that the reason she became a successful singer was that, as a kid, she could never do anything as well as her brother.


And she wanted to do something better than he did. Did she ever.

“Snowbird” became one of North America’s most played songs in the 1970’s. Anne Murray became the first solo Canadian female artist to be awarded an American Gold Record.

Anne Murray - All Of Me (Greatest Hits) - Front

All of Me documents Murray’s life~ her childhood in the tragedy-plagued small coal-mining town of Springhill, Nova Scotia and her success on the world stage in spite of crippling stage fright, a twenty-year battle with a stalker and huge financial losses.



So, back to snowbirds. Let’s be clear, they get a bad rap. They don’t drive with their foot on the brake (all the time) and make sudden unanticipated turns into alligator farms, souvenir shell shops and Denny’s, Tiki Huts, and orange groves. They don’t wear shocking pink shorts and matching tops (sometimes they’re neon yellow or fluorescent orange), flip flops that have big daisies on the strap (is there another kind?) and carry huge beach bags decorated with seashells, seahorses and fish. They’re not all octogenarians playing out their days on the golf courses, schmoozing at the pool and drinking sweet tea. Well, not all of them, anyway.


Here where the gentle breezes blow, the parking lot at Fresh Market is jam-packed with the beach-loafer-casual crowd. My friend Sayra from up north, Florida that is, reminds me that snowbirds are good for the economy (Florida has no state income tax and snowbirds create jobs, many jobs) even if they do take up too many parking spaces. Present company excepted, she says. Thank you, Sweet Sayra.♥


The weather guy says that up at my north house there’ll be overnight temps of 28 degrees with light rain. Here, where the snowbirds are starting their reverse migration, tomorrow will be 83 degrees and sunny…again.

Spread your tiny wings and Fl-y-y-y-y ~ 1,291.3 miles make all the difference.

Are you a snowbird?

Or a snowflake, like me, fluttering back and forth?

Toni 4/22/14










5 thoughts on “KNOCK. KNOCK. WHO’S THERE?

  1. Thanks for the shout out, but I have to confess that every time I read the local
    paper, I realize what a Yankee I am! Sweet? Me? Well, ah do luv ma sweet tea!!!!


  2. Well I’m not. Not a snowbird, but, that said, I am sure glad you’re migrating back up here. Hey, by mistake, we’ve even opened the pool. Build it. They will come. They being the weather goddesses who carry warmth in their parkas.


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