It’s National Poetry Month.

Thanks, WP blogger Ben, for this monumental opportunity to introduce…


“If Goethe had had to prepare supper, salt the dumplings;

If Schiller had had to wash the dishes;

If Heine had had to mend what he had torn, to clean the rooms, kill the bugs –

Oh, the menfolk, none of them would have become great poets.”  

  ~Eremenz Meier

I saw this bronze on the bank of the Danube in the city of

Passau ~

 Eremenz Mierer , innkeeper’s daughter and poet.



Emerenz Meier was born in Schiefweg, a town in the Bavarian Forest. She became well-known through her stories and poems of village life. Meier rebelled against tradition and convention to become a successful writer in spite of difficult economic conditions. The family emigrated to America to make a fresh start in Chicago. There, Meier wrote mainly for her enjoyment, but she also waged verbal war against political, economic and social conditions in Europe and America. 


In today’s Sunday Review, op-ed columnist Frank Bruni reminds us in his singular style (almost as poetically as Eremenz Meier) that the conversation isn’t over yet.



Toni  4/13/14

A Fifty Word Story for the Weekly Writing Challenge. A juxtapositioning of my Mum and a bird again. Sigh. (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/fifty/)

Following me

is an Eastern Phoebe with its harsh, emphatic “fee-be fee-be.”

It scares me silly

because it’s how my angry Mum would rasp my name,


In fact, she used it only WHEN she was mad.

(As a result I do so love people who sweetly call me “Patricia.”)

So, this Phoebe;

is it you, Mum?

Following me?*



*And now, I must ask why is she following? To make me think about her? And to ponder if I am being too stern about her? More later, as they say. (These asterisk words are outside the bounds of my 50 word story!! But, mayhap, they be a continuation of said story?)