For Birders the rule is that Life Lists can only include birds that can be positively ID-ed, ethically observed, alive, wild, free, and established. Same for Nani. (A 420 Character Poem in 9 Lines by Patty)

Life List

Life list:

Scrub Jay speaks his mind; William learns Mandarin.

Western Tanager brightens a fogged-in tree; Hannah smiles.

Acorn Woodpecker stores nuts in trees; Lydia creates power points.

Black Phoebe bobs its tail; Chloe does the crow hop.

Eastern Phoebe lives under the fast Mill River bridge;

Luke listens to scary stories but doesn’t get scared.

House Finches nest on her porch lamp; Claire nests in her crib.




File:Western Tanager (male).jpg
Western Tanager
Acorn Woodpecker hoarding food in granary.
File:Sayornis nigricans NBII.jpg
Black Phoebe