Illustration from INCIDENTAL COMICS, Words and Pictures by Grant Snider

Everything you need know about life is in Grant Snider’s drawing notebook.  In today’s insane world, it’s getting harder to get away from it all.  But with a black pen and clean palette, Snider illustrates the importance of doing nothing. I say, it’s anchorage for the soul. 6.13_f3_snider_grant_I think Grant Snider is devotion-worthy.  (See an earlier post here.) Snider started out drawing a daily cartoon for the University of Kansas student newspaper, which led to a weekly strip called “Delayed Karma” for the Kansas City Star. His comics and illustrations now appear in newspapers, magazines, and across the internet. He is currently studying orthodontics at the University of Colorado-Denver and hoping that readers of Incidental Comics are easier to entertain than teenagers with braces. Don’t you love Snider’s sweet comic? It’s a little self-help weapon ~ for sanity. Give it a good long stare ~ it’s an invitation, something that you’ve earned, a big fat blessing.  I wish you success with your do-nothing day.

Stencil this quote on your wall.  I did.


‘How beautiful is it to do nothing, and then rest afterward.’

Toni 3/31/14


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