It was a long wait but so worth it.

What a marvel.

i.0.donna-tartt-annie-leibovitzNo spoilers here.  Promise.


a boy and his mom visit a museum.

THUMBThey spend some time wandering through the galleries.

THUMBA museum guard runs by carrying something in his arms.  OH!

Love. Death. Stolen Art. The Goldfinch. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Or seen someone reading it compulsively?  It’s vast and cozy at the same time ~ I just didn’t want it to end. Tartt makes words into art and It. Is. Magic.  Just like the painting at the Frick.

1386531394172.cachedI’d love to see it on screen but not at the theatre.  I’m thinking ‘Netflix series’.  I want to see every elysian chunk of the riveting plot. It’s part of me now.  When I see a skinny pale-face kid on the street, I think who’s that, he looks familiar? Oh, it’s Boris, from The Goldfinch.


So, I’m having visceral Goldfinch-withdrawal symptoms. (No, 800 pages were not enough.) My dilemma, though, one I share with a universe of Tartt fans, is what do I read next?

What novel have you read that won’t disappoint
after this unutterably glorious read? 

Toni 3/30/14



  1. What a lovely idea–lost in the Bliss of a Book instead of sitting inside while perfect reading weather keeps me from going out to get my paper this morning. The only “…out like a lamb” thing about the last day of March turns out to be the white of ice and snow. (Stay in Paradise, Toni!!! I hate to say that, especially because we miss you so much, but this winter has deadened our spirits!) Maybe I’ll pull out my ever-favorite, Anne of Green Gables, and remember the joy of lolling on a blanket spread out on our front yard, the shade from giant maples filtering the warm breeze, and the best book ever under my chin. Thanks for the memory! M.


    1. Mary, Your comment is brilliant …reading a classic rarely disappoints. Goldfinch is such a hard act to follow. Pick up a copy to get you through till leaves are on the maple. Itching to talk about it with you all.


  2. Donna Tartt only graces us with a book every 10 years or so… They are always worth the wait. I read “The Goldfinch” and agree that it is awesome.


    1. Ronnie, I so agree! The Secret History got me hooked. I remember when you were totally immersed in Goldfinch last fall, I think. Was your ‘rebound’ the Inferno? What’s on your nightstand? I’m thinking I should read a different genre to avoid a major letdown. What do you think?


  3. I had never heard of Donna Tartt, but became very curious when the Goldfinch was first published because of all the positive reviews. I was enjoying it tremendously when a very good friend of mine said she was very disappointed by the ending. So I approached the end with great trepidation. What a relief to find out my friend was so mistaken in this case! I might even consider reading more fiction in the future!


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