March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Oh wait. Sometimes it’s the other way around. This year? It’s anybody’s guess. (My money is on lion/lion. What say you, Northern friends?)


But when it comes to the lion in the sky, there never is any doubt. Indeed, March does come in with a lion, the constellation Leo, and with it comes the breath of Spring. Promise.


Of the 13 constellations of the Zodiac, Leo the Lion is one of easiest to identify in the night sky. From a Northern Hemisphere perspective, the Lion is a fair-weather friend, springing into the early evening sky around the March 20 equinox.

So, it’s the middle of March. We gardeners? Well, we recognize each other at first sight. In waiting rooms, gyms and wedding receptions.  So, got your peas in?


Earthy talk ensues. It’s an illusion that we are two women in silk dresses sipping wine at a table covered in fine linen.  In reality, we are two gardeners, each with a shovel and a truck.

All we really want to do is get some dirt under our manicured nails. And, of course, talk about our plans ~


Get out there and take away brush and debris, smell the soil, feel hard buds, chase crows, heft a shovel, dig, turn over, clean out, clip, rake, cut, sow, poke at little green shoots, get up with the rooster and earn a few spring blisters.

But Nature’s plan is full of wily tricks. One of which is Weather.


When your brakes squeak, the repairman pulls it to pieces and replaces the offending part.  If your computer acts up, you reboot, restart or rewire.  If the lights go out, you jiggle a fuse or replace a bulb.  In most situations, it’s possible to DO SOMETHING but with the weather, NOTHING can be done.

And. So. We. Wait.

And believe.

Toni 3/17/2014

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