My 20th Entry is Posted at says me, Isabel Scheherazade, 10-year old story-teller and plate-spinner…and weeder and babysitter: I begin by thinking I may have too many chores, but then my heart softens.

Isabel sitting sideways1I always come up with an idea I never knew I had when I decide to start writing just to see where it leads me. I call it surprise writing. I think the ideas are in me; it’s just that I don’t know they’re there.

Isabel Scheherazade

Isabel Scheherazade Just Wants to Say that She’s Added Another Blog Entry to (It’s a side-story from the way-back-seat of her memory, the one with her Mom and Dad just sitting there waiting for her to remember something good, for a change.

isabelcrossleg2Me, Isabel Scheherazade, remembering how I learned to spin plates…