Illustration from INCIDENTAL COMICS, Words and Pictures by Grant Snider

Everything you need know about life is in Grant Snider’s drawing notebook.  In today’s insane world, it’s getting harder to get away from it all.  But with a black pen and clean palette, Snider illustrates the importance of doing nothing. I say, it’s anchorage for the soul. 6.13_f3_snider_grant_I think Grant Snider is devotion-worthy.  (See an earlier post here.) Snider started out drawing a daily cartoon for the University of Kansas student newspaper, which led to a weekly strip called “Delayed Karma” for the Kansas City Star. His comics and illustrations now appear in newspapers, magazines, and across the internet. He is currently studying orthodontics at the University of Colorado-Denver and hoping that readers of Incidental Comics are easier to entertain than teenagers with braces. Don’t you love Snider’s sweet comic? It’s a little self-help weapon ~ for sanity. Give it a good long stare ~ it’s an invitation, something that you’ve earned, a big fat blessing.  I wish you success with your do-nothing day.

Stencil this quote on your wall.  I did.


‘How beautiful is it to do nothing, and then rest afterward.’

Toni 3/31/14



It was a long wait but so worth it.

What a marvel.

i.0.donna-tartt-annie-leibovitzNo spoilers here.  Promise.


a boy and his mom visit a museum.

THUMBThey spend some time wandering through the galleries.

THUMBA museum guard runs by carrying something in his arms.  OH!

Love. Death. Stolen Art. The Goldfinch. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Or seen someone reading it compulsively?  It’s vast and cozy at the same time ~ I just didn’t want it to end. Tartt makes words into art and It. Is. Magic.  Just like the painting at the Frick.

1386531394172.cachedI’d love to see it on screen but not at the theatre.  I’m thinking ‘Netflix series’.  I want to see every elysian chunk of the riveting plot. It’s part of me now.  When I see a skinny pale-face kid on the street, I think who’s that, he looks familiar? Oh, it’s Boris, from The Goldfinch.


So, I’m having visceral Goldfinch-withdrawal symptoms. (No, 800 pages were not enough.) My dilemma, though, one I share with a universe of Tartt fans, is what do I read next?

What novel have you read that won’t disappoint
after this unutterably glorious read? 

Toni 3/30/14



WP Blogger Cheri says ~ A place reveals itself on its streets, from pedestrians strolling during lunch time, to performers entertaining tourists on sidewalks, to the bustle of local markets, and more. A snapshot of a street (or road or path) can tell a tale.



Barcelona specializes in bustle. Like crowd fave shell games.

I visited Barcelona’s main pedestrian drag. It goes from rich (the elegant main square) to rough (the docks and port area).


The Ramblas is an endless current of people and activity ~

CIMG3951 the grand opera house, elegant cafés like El Fornet,

CIMG3915prostitutes, artists, street mimes, outdoor bird markets, and gnarly thefts, cons and street scams.

Pickpockets and tricksters find rich pickings here.

When you watch the “performance”, you are not aware of the 10 to 15 people involved. The tourists (and shills) all gather around the person shuffling matchboxes.  The mark is then attracted to the crowd to see the performance. The ‘tourists’ bet on where the pea is. The mark watches, amazed to see that he can guess correctly where the pea is every time. Other ‘tourists’ (more shills) pass by and join in – some win, some lose, but then win again and walk away with money. Each time, the mark thinks he guessed correctly where the pea is. The host of the “performance” invites the mark to bet. (I can say with certainty that the pea is almost never under any of the matchboxes.) The mark puts down his bet and, sure enough, he’s wrong and loses his money. If he should “win”, you’ll see the muscle ~ an easy-to-spot Big Big Man ~ follow him and get the money back by intimidation or theft.

The best thing that you can do

when you see this street “performance”?  

Walk on by.

Toni 3/28/14

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