I guess you’d call me a “snowbird”.


Snowbirds are a dime a dozen. We migrate here for the warm weather during winter months. Away from those places where the mercury sits uncomfortably below zero. (If you’re there now, it’s mind-walloping, I know.)

keep-calm-and-love-florida-1I think Florida is stellar. I hope Florida feels that way about me.  But I am far from The Center Of Attention. This winter, all eyes are focused on a double-take worthy newcomer with epic talons.

Bubo scandiacus is tipping the scale of credibility. A snowbird of the authentic nature, it’s jaw-droppingly far from its usual Arctic haunts.

Birders are giddy over this rare snowy owl sighting during this year’s largest migration of snowy owls to the United States in decades.


This is no wild goose chase. The owl is here, on Little Talbot Island, one of the few remaining undeveloped barrier islands in northeast Florida. And what a standout it is, a mirage made real, among the gopher tortoises, snakes, wading birds, river otters and marsh rabbits. 

RIP, Hedwig, the most famous snowy owl of all. And thank you, John Williams, for a haunting theme …and one of the most popular ring tones in the world.

Were you lucky enough to see a snowy owl this year?

Toni 2/26/14

10 thoughts on “YOU SAW WHAT IN FLORIDA ??!?!?!

  1. I think I had one or two in my backyard a couple of weeks ago. By the time I ran back in the house and grabbed my phone, one was gone and the other was so high up in a tree (and not cooperating–wouldn’t look at me!) that the picture is so hard to tell. These are some great photos! 🙂


  2. Seems as though I am the only one who has not seen a snowy owl!!!!! Boo hoo hoo.
    Such a depressing situation. Toni, give the next one you see my address, won’t you please.


  3. The bird group under the guidance of Ray the Bird Guru, otherwise known as King Eider, is Going to Find a Snowy Owl Next Week Even If It Kills Us. Not really, the kill part I mean. We’ve already gone to the coast once to find this Snow Bird, but he must already have left for your barrier island, Toni. Other Snowy Owls have arrived, though,here in CT, so we’re hopeful. What a beautiful post. I’m inspired.


  4. After living many years in Florida and talking about all the “snow birds” heading to Florida, I have now become one myself. 🙂 I would love to see one of those beautiful owls make an appearance in our orchard here in New Hampshire.


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