A Root? No. It’s a 8.5 foot mammoth tusk.*

And so the construction work on a 118-unit apt complex

stops dead while AMLI Residential recognizes and does the right thing:

calls in the scientists,

since the benefits “outweigh the costs.”**

Unlike the dad one of my 1968 3rd graders show & told all about:

Daddy’s backhoe dug up a bone as big as this room & he said,

“God damn-it; bury it! Quick!”

(And pretend it was a root?)


* Christian Sidor, Seattle’s Burke Museum paleontologist, says, “Generally tusks like this are the last thing left” once time passes and animals have removed what’s, well, what’s removable, I guess. I’m thinking this means that probably the construction company will resume work after this brief halt to accommodate the scientists, since further findings are unlikely? Stay tuned.

** Scott Koppelman of AMLI Residential

“Woolly U B My Valentine” is from the hand-made sign put up at a near-by-to-the-tusk-scene day care center. Cute.

4 thoughts on “Woolly U B My Valentine? Workers at Seattle Construction Site Discover Mammoth Tusk in 30′ Pit; All Work Stops While They Do the Right Thing. ( 420 Character, 9-Line Poem with a bit of a 45-Years Old Memory Attached to the 60,000-Year Old Tusk)

  1. I love that they stopped the “project” and did what they should. I remember me as a 21-year old, brand-new teacher listening to this 8-year old describe his father’s cover-up as if it was a deed of heroism. I went home that night anguishing that I should tell someone that right over THERE, nearby, someone had just covered dinosaur bones so as to keep his building project on schedule. I didn’t tell anyone. Can I hide behind callow youth or just plain callow?


  2. I think about this youngster from time to time, especially once I started having my own children. I worry about the example his father was putting out there for him to follow. Also, the example I set for my own kids when I tell this story and they ask, so what did you do and I say nothing. Nothing! they exclaim.

    Right. It seems incredible now. I couldn’t figure out anything to do in response to learning that huge dinosaur bones had been found and hidden from the world!

    So move over father who buries bones; I’ll sit next to you in the moral muck department.

    I DID give my kids the example of someone who still feels really bad that I didn’t do the right thing, whatever that might have been. 🙂 Does that count I wonder? Ah. Old bad deeds. I’m learning to love them.


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