Hand Holding Heart From Leaves Stock Photo

Like the scientists

who unearthed the richest

deposit of amber


Who found trapped in marbles

of ancient fossilized

tree sap


of tiny bouquets of

miniature flowers

in New Jersey*

no less!

I look at you

and see



8 thoughts on “A Love Poem to that Guy Who’s Been Entertaining Me for These Last 45 Years: Not a 420 Character 9 Liner, but, um, maybe I could revise it…? No, better not to mess with tradition.

  1. The trapped-in-amber concept catches my heart and mind.

    It seems to take something like this to preserve the ancient things. For instance: the mammoth tusk find in Seattle. What a beauty. I wonder what helped it stay unscathed? Is it the last of its previous owner, meaning, are there more parts or creatures at this site? The stories it evokes are mind-boggling. Can’t wait to see what the scientists at the Burke Museum make of it.


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