Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?

~ David Attenborough


My daily walk is a perfect storm of pleasures.

So not like Nika, Orion and Pax. And, yes, I consider myself very very very lucky.


On my way to the beach (which is cheaper than therapy), 

IMG_2245I skirt the lake and watch the ring-necked duck dabble and diveRing-Necked_Duck_male

while the roseate spoonbill wades in the shallows.12-01-11miwr roseate spoonbill6Flocks of palm warblers are in constant motion.

loxahatchee-palm-warblerAn anhinga perches on the bridge, wings open to dry its feathers and warm its body.

IMG_2258The cormorant on a nearby rock does the same.

20051227_hp-cor-ad044A little blue heron gets an eyeful.

1 13 14 little blue fishing1On the other side of the beach walk, the wind kicks up ~ but, no worries, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day when sand and salt are part of the equation. 🙂


I see a pelican at rest on the rocks,

1 20 14 imm brown pelican

a crested tern (greater? lesser? royal?) colony,


an agile sandpiper busying itself

1 20 14 purple sandpiper

near protected turtle nesting spots.


Seabirds of all sorts scurry, then disappear in the mix of sand and shells.  I can’t tell a willet from a sanderling from a godwit. Even with a bird book. Yet.


One morning I met mother/daughter birdwatchers.  They came to watch a flock of frigate birds, a rare sight in these parts.

Fregata magnificens, Magnificent frigate bird, Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico-2235 I can see them from my porch as they float over the river’s edge 


where the king/queen of the avian food chain roosts in its favorite fishing tree.

So, bird book in hand, I’m happier than a seagull with a french fry. I wonder what I’ll see tomorrow.

Do you watch birds?  

What got you started?

What’s your most memorable birding moment?

IMG_0158Toni 2/12/14


  1. Madame, you have indeed found the best of all worlds, and aren’t we lucky that you find it in your heart to share it with all your readers.


  2. While the front row seat I had in January on the Gulf was a joy, even in the moonlight, the blowing snow and cold of February are even more so to me. I’m home. It is what it is. I will plan my next adventure with Jeanne, complain about the weather along with everyone else, and walk around the armory like a gerbil on a wheel because it is too slippery outside. Thank you, Toni, for reminding us that we are where we are supposed to be, and all of it is good! M.


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