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Images intrigue.

I mean I LIKED picturing Jacob, last of the great desert chieftains,

charge out of the desert on his camel in the dark of night

to take on that combatative angel

or to herd the sheep into the Land of Canaan

back there in the 1st half  of the 2nd millennium B.C.

Alas! Carbon-dating indicates camels are naught but poetic license,

“back projections from a much later period.”*

The image still intrigues.


*The NYT quotes Israeli biblical scholar Noam Mizrahi. The camels “do not encapsulate memories from the second millennium, but should be viewed as back-projections from a much later period.”

Read more: There Were No Camels During Time of Biblical Patriarchs, Study Says |

Will camel discovery break the Bible's back?

4 thoughts on “I DON’T CARE IF THEY WERE PHANTOM CAMELS, say I, a writer who has been known to fashion the narrative a bit herself–fashion in what we now know as “the Biblical way.” (A 420 CHARACTER 9-LINER BY PATTY)

  1. Those biblical writers were fashioning a text is how I’m thinking on it. Some with more accuracy than others. They “peopled” their stories as we do: they wrote about what they knew, and back then they KNEW camels, if such is what you’re referring to dear Veronica. 🙂 But, as for me? I love the mixmaster of fantasy and reality, knowing that the one becomes the other more often than not.


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