Messages come through most clearly when they’re pulled

as it were out of thin air like with Victoria Nuland’s bugged

F***the EU bomb.

Sweeter news cutting the winter silence

is the whistled tweedle-tweedle-tweedle or tea-kettle, tea-kettle, tea-kettle

of the Carolina Wren in my backyard,

so unexpectedly loud yet mellow and agreeable

…honest, and out there for all to hear…it makes my heart sing.

A welcome message.


4 thoughts on “Messages Out of the Ether or the Cold Winter Air, They’re Sharper When They Come Unexpectedly, Some Work Better Than Others. (a 420 Character 9 Liner by Patty)

  1. Let’s hear it for unexpected and welcome messages! Like today’s forecast, which predicts three days of sunshine…in a row!!!! Or the brilliantly orange-breasted robin who sat long enough on the snow bank to be admired yesterday as I walked in my neighborhood. M.


    1. So, word-woman Mary, IS there a word for unexpected messages? Beyond serendipity? Research it for me.
      And, btw, you’re so right: those robins are amazing this winter. The word “robin” and “winter” pulls up “weather,” putting me in mind of Thursday’s “significant” snow accumulation predictions. What say ye? I’ve known you to have an inside track on weather predictions.
      ps put out food for those robins, they’re missing their worms


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