I’m sick on my couch in the sunroom

and stare at the trunk of the biggest tree in my purview,

and lo!

like the proverbial dust of snow from a hemlock tree that saved a day from ruin,

I spy a tiny, long-tailed brown scrap hitch upward in a spiral,

going in and out of my sight, his down-curved bill probing the crevices*.

I see him fly weakly to a new tree, probably its base,

but I’m too weak to check. Or creep.



* A single spider will give the creeper enough energy to climb nearly 200 feet vertically.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes We Need Props to Tractor Us Up and Over or in the Case of the Brown Creeper Spiral Up with the Help of a Spiney-tipped Tail for Support: in this poem the Creeper supported me for a few minutes (a 420 character 9 line poem by Patty)

  1. Misery with a dash of joy. I can imagine how your eyes must have widened at the appearance of the brown creeper. What a lucky moment.


  2. Hi Patty,   Sorry to learn that you are still sick.  Lots of rest and stay hydrated.  No cello practice!  My virus attack lasted for a few totally miserable days,  so hopefully you will be feeling better soon, too.  Keep watching your feathered friends.  They are wonderful company.  There is a flock of winter robins, my term for them, that eats the dried berries on the tree outside my bedroom window.  So do the starlings.  I love watching them all.   Bev



  3. I know the feeling–like when those wonderful guys showed up to take away the 12 inches of snow on my driveway yesterday–ha!!! (My priority list has been so warped by 23 years with a 650 foot hilly driveway!!!!) January was rich with sandpipers and pelicans, but there is no denying the beauty of snow on bare trees. Have you posted your terrific poem about conquering the snow mound at the end of your driveway???? (Speaking of “tractoring up and over”.) M.


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