The Triple Package–How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America: a reaction to the cries of racism from the critics. (a 420 Character 9 Line Poem)

'The Triple Package'

Salt talk with wisdom–

a spice curiously missing

as irritated pundits pronounce Triple Package racist.

Amy Chua (Tiger Mom) and her husband

ID childhood environmental characteristics of successful data groups

(various cultures in a sliver of time) & posit the pillars of their success:

1) belief in one’s superiority; 2) insecurity & 3) impulse control.

Uncomfortable ideas?

Maybe, but “racist” is censorious* not salted.


*I’ve resolved not to censor ideas about groups, race, and ethnicity that have the potential to irritate. But this takes work; reading the book will help, I know. It’s on my library request list (I wasn’t sent an “advanced” copy.).

Ji Lee’s illustration from


What Drives Success?



lRead more: Amy Chua’s Book ‘The Triple Package’ Is Not Racist |

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