“When I sing Amazing Grace,” Seeger writes, “I usually remind audiences that the words were written by a man who had for ten years been captain of a slave ship, but in his thirties he quit and … started the antislavery movement in England. He turned his life around and gave us hope that we can turn our country around.”

Seeger’s life is a lesson in citizenship.

In His Own Words is a collection of essays and letters Seeger stored in his barn for years, sobering words that show us what social responsibility looks like.  He tells about the time his family was attacked during the Peekskill Riots in 1949 ~ he took home the stones that smashed the car window and cemented them into his fireplace.  And at the time he found himself cited for contempt of Congress during the McCarthy era, Seeger penned a time capsule letter on the spot to his grandchildren. “Communism,” he wrote, “has urged me on, to continually learn, to continually better myself in every way, to always give more for the common good of the working people of America and the world.”

That’s Pete Seeger’s legacy, his gift to me and you.

Excerpts from In His Own Words ~

“If the world survives these dangerous times, the folk process will go on, and music and poetry can help us teach love and common sense to foolish people who think that money and power are the important things in life.”

“The best thing you can do is make up your mind that you will be living in an unpleasant world for much of your lives. This is not pessimism; it’s maturity—the beginning of wisdom.”

“I’m just one more grain of sand in this world, but I’d rather throw my weight, however small, on the side of what I think is right than selfishly look after my own fortunes and have to live with a bad conscience.”

Thank you, Pete Seeger, for singing out in a world where the din of injustice is deafening.  Your words are sweeter than wine.

Toni 1/28/14


WP Blogger Michelle says that when she wanders, she often finds her eye drawn to strange bedfellows. Juxtapositions. Foils. Unexpected pairings.

Say whuuut?

IMG_1749Toni 1/27/14

Arctic Freeze Update: By Accident I Make a (This is What Happens When It’s -3 Degrees) I Make a Soup I’ll Have to Make Again and Again. Thanks to Mimi and Bob and Rill’s Specialty Foods (in addition to my sort of sissy palate that THINKS it doesn’t like HOT stuff…) (all in 420 Characters and 9 Lines, a Poem by Patty that may seem as if it isn’t about birds this time, but, um, a chicken IS a bird)

Omak Kick'n Chicken Soup

1 Omak Kick’n Chicken Soup.*

1 Rotisserie Chicken set of bones in a cloth bag along with some of its chicken.

Fire Alarm!!

It’s too Kick’n for me, so I try taming the heat with:

4+ quarts of chicken and veggie broth, roasted carrots and onions,

3 palmfuls of Bob’s vegi soup mix, 1 spice bag of sage-thyme-and rosemary,

5 Bay Leaves,2 cups of that Sept. harvested corn.


But-thank goodness!!-it’s still kick’n!**


*The packet of Kick’n Chicken came from Catherine’s parents (Mimi and Bob) out in Washington along with scads of other Washington-based food products.

**I gave covered Pyrex containers of this soup to different folks and was blown away at how much they all loved it. I give the credit to the basic Kick’n Chicken mix from the Rill people. Hands Down.

Rill Foods - Soups For You


“Rill Foods is a 2nd generation family run business located in the heart of Central Washington. It began as a rural café and grocery in 1985.

Every day Ninon made hearty soups from scratch, that would draw people from miles away. Finally after countless requests for her recipes she decided to put her soups in a package and Rill Specialty Foods was born.

We have been selling soup mixes ever since with a commitment to preserving the made-from-scratch flavor that drew in our customers from the beginning. To ensure the best flavor our soups have only the highest quality ingredients and are individually hand packaged.

Our easy to prepare packages appeal to the busy lives we lead today. They are created to give you more time to enjoy and less time to prepare. Each package comes with a rich broth and is loaded with flavor so you don’t have to add anything extra if you don’t want to.

Rill soups are a Washington made product, based in Kittitas County and packaged in the community of Thorp. We take pride in our products and to ensure top quality, every package is hand processed. Each soup is also named after a place in the Northwest. Inside the soups you’ll find a story that highlights the unique history of the area that the soup was named after.

Our excellent hearty soups straight from the Rill’s kitchen warm up a cold winter day and satisfy in the heat of summer.”