Robert Krulwich got me into this with his great “krulwich wonders” series: (There may be NOTHING better than a Krulwich jolt of wisdom and a cup of Dunkin’ coffee.)

Chickadees don’t ordinarily hide their seeds in the pocket of the human giver, but you get the idea here:

When it needs to remember,
the Chickadee seasonally-expands its brain
so as to locate the seeds it’s buried across a 10-square mile territory,
an area way bigger than the 5-pocket purse
in which I eternally rummage for my lip gloss tub;
but hark, while my “fluid” intelligence decreases (see rummage remark)
my “crystallized” intel increases:
as I season, my brain expands with accumulating knowledge
for when I need it.

One thought on “The new old age; lessons from my chickadees with a nudge from Benedict Carey & Robert Krulwich: It’s not that I forget; it’s that I know so much there isn’t room for remembering what I went down cellar to fetch. (A 420 Character, 9-Line Poem by Patty)

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