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The wildly ambitious World Book Night began in Great Britain and is casting its wide and beautiful net across Planet Earth.

In a nutshell, it's a book.

In a nutshell, World Book Night is major magic.

the imagination of #booksI’m excited to be one of the thousand of volunteers who will give away 20 books on April 23  ~  in taxis and trains, parks and parking lots, coffee shops and shelters, at beaches and bars. This is my third year and the rewards are elephantine.

World Book Night is a nonprofit event and almost entirely dependent on volunteers and good will.  All the authors waive royalties and the cost of printing the special soft-cover editions is underwritten by publishers, printers and paper companies.

April 23 is the UNESCO International Day of the Book, as well as Shakespeare’s birthday.  On that night, volunteers will give books to those who don’t regularly read and/or people who don’t normally have access to printed books, for reasons of means or geography.

Those are the barest details. Much more can be read on the website:

To connect with the ace community that is WBN and find out how you can get involved, click here~


~ The 2014 World Book Night US Books ~

WBN covers MED

On every day of the year but one, I’m a gadabout. But on April 23 of each year, I’m a book giver.
So keep your eyes peeled ~ the odds of being handed a free book out of the blue are much higher April 23 than any other night of the year.
Toni 1/24/14


  1. I love giving books. I even never minded when my students would take books and never return them. The idea of filling an apartment so meager that the child doesn’t even have a kitchen table on which to eat or do homework, filling that apartment with books from my library? Well. As I said, take ’em.

    Toni, you’re a giver every day of the year from my vantage point. But, I’ll be on the lookout on April 23rd.



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