(This great photograph is from owladdict.blogspot.com)

With no kids to please

this snowy mid-winter night, we sup on oatmeal,

then skunk odor leads us to the back yard

where a Great Horned Owl clenches her talons

(to unclench them takes 28 lbs of force)

& severs the spine of a big skunk (GHO’s its sole predator)

& turns her gold-eyed head 270.

All’s that left in the morning are skunk-fur tufts.

We didn’t have skunks under the deck that Spring, just owlets well-pleased.


video of well-pleased owl kids:




This GHO is grabbing something here:

This is what we hear beginning in December:

Silent killers documentary:

picture of two-week old great horned owlet:


3 thoughts on “Our Great Horned Owl and the Skunk: A Model for How to Tackle Problems Bigger Than You In Order to Nurture the Little Ones. (An almost purely all-bird 420 Character 9-line Poem by Patty)

  1. This is wonderful. Brought me back to growing up in Rancho Palos Verdes, and the owl that nested in our neighbor’s palm tree. I would see it swoop into the tree and then be completely hidden from view, but at the base there were interesting owl pellets and you would know it was there, living its regal, powerful silent life. The only time I would hear it would be at night, and it was always somehow comforting to hear it deep hoots as I lay in my room.


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