Our Great Horned Owl and the Skunk: A Model for How to Tackle Problems Bigger Than You In Order to Nurture the Little Ones. (An almost purely all-bird 420 Character 9-line Poem by Patty)

(This great photograph is from owladdict.blogspot.com)

With no kids to please

this snowy mid-winter night, we sup on oatmeal,

then skunk odor leads us to the back yard

where a Great Horned Owl clenches her talons

(to unclench them takes 28 lbs of force)

& severs the spine of a big skunk (GHO’s its sole predator)

& turns her gold-eyed head 270.

All’s that left in the morning are skunk-fur tufts.

We didn’t have skunks under the deck that Spring, just owlets well-pleased.


video of well-pleased owl kids:




This GHO is grabbing something here:

This is what we hear beginning in December:

Silent killers documentary:

picture of two-week old great horned owlet: