Triangulate: Finding the Mouse Hidden Under the Leaves or the Peace No One Else Can Perceive. Owls and John Kerry. What Do They Have in Common? (A 420 Character 9 Line Poem by Patty)


Our Great Horned Owls do it to find the mouse hidden beneath the leaf litter.

With keen, immobile eyes and asymmetrical ears

they tilt and turn their heads until directly in front of them,

invisible and inaudible to the likes of me, is the prey.

John Kerry‘s doing this too as he tilts and turns

ideas of democracy, interdependence, and international organizations

for solutions others miss.



*Owls’ ears are different sizes and located at different places on the sides of their heads. This asymmetry means that the hearing on one side of the head is the mirror image of the other except  that the right one is displaced 10-15 degrees higher. So if the mouse moves away from the line of sight while the owl is still, the reception in one ear will decrease faster than in the other. The owl turns its head to equalize the sound signals resulting in the mouse being directly in front of the owl.