Small Business Saturday

The last day of November was Small Business Saturday, a chance to support small businesses in a big way. I think it’s the perfect day to shop at indie bookstores. Generous writers like Ann Patchett (in addition to regular incomparable bookshop staffers) volunteer to handsell whatever you’re after. 

small business saturday photo: Small Business Saturday SmallBusinessSaturday.jpg

Indies First, a grassroots movement, was conceptualized by author Sherman Alexie, as a way for authors to support their local independent bookstores. (Here’s his letter that got Indies First off the ground.)

Sherman Alexie models an Indies First tote bag.  He plans to put in shifts at five Seattle bookstores this Saturday.

A variety of authors and illustrators participate in Indies First .  This year it was a cinch to find bookshops listed by state.

Alexie, Garth Stein, Luis Alberto Urrea, Adam Johnson (who won the Pulitzer this year), and Diana Gabaldon were just a few of this year’s famous booksellers-for-a-day.

So, don’t berate yourself for missing Small Business Saturday, one of the biggest days of the year for indies, bigger even than the Saturday before Christmas. 


Celebrate! It’s never too late to shop at an indie store. You might not be hand-sold a purchase by a celebrated author but, as Sherman Alexie says, Hello, Hello, you gorgeous book nerds, be a Superhero, reach out and join the movement. 

Toni 12/11/13



  1. I will be interested to find out if we have something like this going on in Canada. I love independent book stores but sadly they are few and far between now. The number one reason I think that Canada is having a problem with this? Open up a book. Any book will do. Look at the price of the book in the US and then look at the price in Canada. Even if it is a Canadian author you will see a drastic difference in the price with the Canadian price being much higher.


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