.Image of O108. Kissimmee Lakefront Park

Danger lurks in narrow ideas and diets,

like for the Snail Kite at Kissimmee Lakefront Fish Camp

who slowly flaps over the marsh* with his head tilted down,

then uses its feet–BIG  (1.5-2.2″) toes!–to nab his sole food,

a chunky Apple Snail just below the surface.

On a marshy hillock

he tears into it with his dark, deeply hooked 1.5″  beak.

But  the Apple Snail is depleted because of lowered water-levels.



Photograph of Snail Kite holding its primary prey, an apple snail

*David Simpson, bird guide and consultant for the State of Florida, took me to several amazing places on A half-day visit north of (and out of!!) Disney World. He–David Simpson, not Disney–is one amazing ornithologist, bird-seeker, and teacher.  He and bird guru, Ray Belding, would enjoy each other’s company.


One thought on “Snail Kite May Be in Trouble. With a Beak Like That FOOD Choices are Limited. Like the Choices a Narrow Politic Gives. (A 420 Character, 9-Line Poem by Patty)

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