Italy.10-8 to 10-24-2005 021

Probe a silent place

of lichen, logs and hummus

where the sidewalk ends.

 toni 11/28/13

Day 28


Snail Kite May Be in Trouble. With a Beak Like That FOOD Choices are Limited. Like the Choices a Narrow Politic Gives. (A 420 Character, 9-Line Poem by Patty)

.Image of O108. Kissimmee Lakefront Park

Danger lurks in narrow ideas and diets,

like for the Snail Kite at Kissimmee Lakefront Fish Camp

who slowly flaps over the marsh* with his head tilted down,

then uses its feet–BIG  (1.5-2.2″) toes!–to nab his sole food,

a chunky Apple Snail just below the surface.

On a marshy hillock

he tears into it with his dark, deeply hooked 1.5″  beak.

But  the Apple Snail is depleted because of lowered water-levels.



Photograph of Snail Kite holding its primary prey, an apple snail

*David Simpson, bird guide and consultant for the State of Florida, took me to several amazing places on A half-day visit north of (and out of!!) Disney World. He–David Simpson, not Disney–is one amazing ornithologist, bird-seeker, and teacher.  He and bird guru, Ray Belding, would enjoy each other’s company.


Giving Thanks for My Family: A Draft of a Page from a Future Nani Little Book