Our debt to the heroic men

and valiant women

in the service of our country

can never be repaid. 

Toni 11/11/13

Day 11


6 thoughts on “FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE

  1. Indeed a special day…honoring those who gave their lives. I remember my parents, both gone, both veterans who honorably served. I pray for them, for the many, for those who continue and those who stop, consider and object. I also pray that we reconsider our traditional definitions – of life (for all or just for a few?) , of war and its seemingly ‘ingrained’ necessity, of the difficulty to meet the mindset of increasing violence with options against destruction. I wonder – what will truly make a better world…and I pray.


  2. In my adult life I’ve watched the country grapple with tampering with history in order to have long, 3-day weekends. So there’ve been various acts legislating (1968) the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, then there’s the 4th Monday in October being Veterans Day (1971). Then in 1978 voices of veterans came through and November 11 was made an exception to the Monday holiday rule. I like the come-what-may calendar to honor famous people, as in celebrate the holiday on the date of the birthday or the event. I think it makes me focus on the person or the idea rather than the delight of a 3-day weekend, much as I like those too. And–this is so not popular–I think that kids would benefit from being IN school on these holidays so that they could learn about the person or the idea, rather than completely neglecting to pay respect and honor that person because they’re going on a mini-vacation or some such.

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/10/dibacco-the-long-struggle-for-a-proper-veterans-da/#ixzz2kMArRKJx
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