So, who gets the most ink? 

Initial print runs of Fall 2013 tell the tale.


No Meager Amount

Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam 

150, 000 copies

The third installment in the Canadian author’s speculative fiction trilogy (“Oryx and Crake,” “The Year of the Flood”). 


Pretty Big

James Patterson’s Cross My Heart


Alex Cross becomes the obsession of a genius of menace set on proving that he is the greatest mind in the history of crime.



Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath

1 million

Gladwell challenges how we think about obstacles and disadvantages.


Mad Huge

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

1.1 million

Dan Torrance, the child protagonist/hero of “The Shining,” has grown up, still has paranormal powers and is still doing battle with the dark side.



File:Sycamore Row - cover art of hardcover book by John Grisham.jpg

John Grishham’s Sycamore Row

1.5 million

A return to that famous courthouse in Clanton as Jake Brigance once again finds himself embroiled in a fiercely controversial trial.

Bestselling authors get plenty of ink.  So do authors who favor the longer form ~ novels well over 500 pages.

I love big books.

(l), books, harry potter, light


I’m reading this now.


I’m planning on reading this next.


What are some tomes you’ve enjoyed over the years?

What pachydermous pile of ink is on your nightstand?


Meet you here next Sunday.

Toni 11/10/13

Day 10



  1. I saw several copies of Grisham’s book on planes this past week. It’s harder to see what is being read these days because of personal reading devices–frustrating for nosey people like me! Of interest to me–I saw lots of folks with real books. Apparently readers still like the feel and fun of turning pages! So many books, so little time–tritely true. M.


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