English: A brown creeper beside the potomac ne...
English: A brown creeper beside the potomac near great falls, MD, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turmoil in the Capitol; The Post Office is Another Example of the Effect of Such. Our Legislature Needs Another Model. How About the Brown Creeper? Lessons for Congress. I Know. I Know. They PROBABLY don’t have Forethought and Insight Available to Them; But Their Behavior Could Serve as a Model for WHAT It Looks Like; Diligent and Careful Legislating as They Work Their Way, Attending to All the Details, Always Spiraling Upwards, Not Backwards.  (Another 420 Character 9-Line Poem by Patty)

Congress aims for the Buttato li* look:

seemingly casual, but thought out carefully.

They don’t have it.

They need to watch the tiny Brown Creeper:

While hitching along the bole of the tree, it feeds,

plucks tiny food bits half-hidden in crevices, & scrutinizes;

painstakingly thorough & conscientious.**

“His head, the sentient handle to a very delicate instrument.”***

Not Congress; it’s got the casual without the careful.


*thanks to NYTimes magazine page 112 article by David Netto Eternal Return

**Another habit of the Brown Creeper is that it regularly joins mixed flocks of birds–something the denizens of that domed (not doomed!!) building should be doing so as to get this ox out of the ditch–not to mix metaphors.

***(Edmund Selous 1901.)

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